Welcome to Xtesting’s documentation!

Xtesting have leveraged on Functest efforts to provide a reference testing framework:

Xtesting aims at allowing a smooth integration of new Functest Kubernetes testcases.

But, more generally, it eases building any CI/CD toolchain for other domains than testing Virtualized Infrastructure Managers (VIM) such as OpenStack.

It now offers a possible reuse of our framework in other OpenSource projects such as ONAP: integration_demo_E2E_chain.pdf

Technical guidelines

  • to support both python2 and python3
  • to be fully covered by unit tests
  • to be well rated by pylint (only local exceptions are accepted on purpose)
  • to be released as a python package and then to be unlinked to OPNFV Milestones
  • to provide Docker containers and manifests for both architectures supported by OPNFV: amd64 and arm64
  • to publish the API documentation online

Try it!

  • run xtesting container:

    $ sudo docker run opnfv/xtesting
  • run xtesting via package (python2):

    $ virtualenv xtesting-py2
    $ . xtesting-py2/bin/activate
    $ pip install xtesting
    $ sudo xtesting-py2/bin/run_tests -t all
    $ deactivate
  • run xtesting via package (python3):

    $ virtualenv xtesting-py3 -p python3
    $ . xtesting-py3/bin/activate
    $ pip install xtesting
    $ sudo xtesting-py3/bin/run_tests -t all
    $ deactivate

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